Guide: Umbria Region, Italy

by Carrinicole


The Umbria Region is in Central Italy, in between Florence and Rome. Chadwick was asked to be a groomsman in a wedding near Perugia, so we took the opportunity to spend a bit of time in the area. Neighbor to Tuscany, Umbria has the same green rolling hills, hilltop towns with sprawling palazzos, and wine, wine — more wine.

This was a relaxing trip exploring medieval towns coupled with wine, pasta, pizza, fresh produce — and most importantly, away from the tourist crowds.

  • Currency: Euro
  • Getting here: Fly into Rome (FCO)
  • Where to Stay: Locanda Palazonne
  • Getting Around: Rental Car
  • Where to Go:
    • Orvieto
    • Perugia
    • Tivoli
  • Itinerary
    • Stroll Palazzos
    • Drink Wine


You’ll fly into Rome, and pick up a rental car from there. A car is a must for driving around to the different towns.

PRO TIP: If you are not comfortable driving manual, be sure to specifically reserve an automatic transmission car. The default transmission is manual for rentals, so if you can’t drive stick, you’ll be in trouble; roads are narrow and steep with aggressive drivers.


Locanda Palazzone

Our first hotel in Orvieto was the most memorable of our trip. One of my travel fantasies is to stay in a hotel with a pool overlooking the rolling hills of Italy’s wine regions. There’s just something about drinking amazing wine with that type of relaxation.

Locanda Palazzone did not disappoint. It was quaint, luxurious, and magical.


We knew we had to be in Perugia for a wedding, and built the rest of the trip around beginning and ending in Rome.

DAY 1 – Travel Day

Land in Rome, and drive to Orvieto.

Dinner: We were tired and jet-lagged and made arrangements to have dinner at the hotel. Every evening Locanda Palazzone has coursed dinner paired with their wine, which set the tone for amazing meals the rest of the trip!

DAY 2 – Orvieto

Breakfast at Locanda Palazzone

Breakfast is included at Locanda, and the view made it one of our more memorable breakfasts.

Hang Out At The Pool

The afternoon was spent at the pool, enjoying the view with a couple cocktails.

I always like to start my international trips with relaxation to get over jet lag. There is nothing worse than feeling forced to be out and about sightseeing when you are miserably tired. I refuse! Our trips always start with a location that has: few tourist sights, a beach or pool, and a view.

Visit Orvieto

By late afternoon, we got dressed and hopped in the car to check out Orvieto — a nearby picturesque town with sprawling palazzos atop a hill.

Orvieto is most known for its Duomo Cathedral built in 1290.

We enjoyed a late lunch (and wine!) at one of the many restaurants in the palazzo, and strolled the narrow winding streets.

Dinner back in Orvieto

We had a siesta back at the hotel, then drove back to Orvieto for dinner.

DAY 3 – Perugia

We had a lazy morning in Orvieto, then drove the hour north to Perugia.

I’m a true crime aficionado, so I knew about Perugia from following the Amanda Knox trial (and was excited to go there and see the town!).

The wedding rehearsal was that evening, so we spent the afternoon wandering through the streets, drinking espresso, eating pizza and chocolate.

DAY 4 – Wedding

DAY 5 – Tivoli

Villa D’Este

On our way back to Rome we stopped in Tivoli to see Villa D’Este

Villa D’Este was a renaissance villa built in the 1500s and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its known for its beautiful gardens and over 500 fountains.


We stopped for some pizza, ice cream, and beer .

Villa Gregoriana

We also saw Villa Gregoriana — a park of waterfalls and ancient ruins at the base of Tivoli’s acropolis.

Block Party Dinner

For dinner, we stumbled upon a block party in one of the palazzos. It was so fun to mingle with the locals in the town, listen to music, and eat from local food trucks parked around the palazzo.


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