Hotel: Hazlitt’s

by Carrinicole


This is one of the most special hotels I’ve stayed at. A repurposed townhouse built in 1718, Hazlitt’s has a rich history. The author William Hazlitt lived and died here, and due to its heritage, its popular with writers and artists: J.K. Rowling loves to stay here, and they even have a signed first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone!

It’s considered an honor to be featured in Hazlitt’s library, which is one of the rooms you discover as you snake through the hallways of ground floor, feet creaking on the floorboards. Rooms filled with books, coupled with places to sit to enjoy the books, art, have a cup of tea, or fix yourself a drink from their honesty bar.

The entire home has been restored into its original Georgian style, and you feel like you are stepping back in history getting a feel for living in London in the 19th century. The hotel has 30 rooms, outfitted with antique British furniture: four poster beds, claw-footed tubs, and art everywhere. In fact, there are over 2000 paintings in this home.

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  • A/C: Yes
  • WiFi: Yes
  • Parking: Yes
  • Pool: No
  • Room Service: Yes
  • Breakfast included: No
  • Bar/Lounge: Yes
  • Minibar: Yes
  • Gym: No


Room Service

Breakfast doesn’t come included, and that was okay with me. Not only are there plenty of breakfast options around in Soho – I’m obsessed with Gail’s Bakery – but you can order breakfast at the hotel.

A full spread will be delivered at the location of your choice: your room or set up in the library.

Honesty Bar

We spent countless evenings resting our feet and enjoying a cocktail before heading out for the evening. The Honesty Bar is quaint and stocked. It also provides the opportunity to peruse the shelves of the renowned library.


This hotel is a mecca for writers, and there are so many classics in their library! Be sure to peruse the shelves while you’re here.

Our Room 

Every room has a famous name associated with it, and we stayed in the Sir Wilbur Ross room.

Four poster bed, mudroom, fireplace, and unique bathroom! I would caution for American travelers, that some bathrooms (including ours) do not have a shower and are clawfoot tub only.

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