Review: “Untamed”

by Carrinicole

I can see why “Untamed” is a bestseller — Doyle’s approachable writing style is relatable modern soul-searching and storytelling.

While others might find inspiration from her story, the primary feeling I experienced was EXPOSED.

We differ in the superficial: age, family, orientation, eating disorder and addiction. But we are cut from the same cloth: the manifestation of her depression, anxiety, and how she moved about in the world before our respective moments of “Knowing” is ME.

It gives me hope that my current path is the right one: unlearning socially-constructed obedience, comfort in my Darkness where “I am body,” and keeping my inner and outer selves united as one.

As she says, “the braver I get the luckier I am” … “we can do hard things.”

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