Review: “The Silent Patient”

by Carrinicole

I first heard of “The Silent Patient” through my network: we feel intense pride for any accomplishment of any Greek. 

My aunt recommended me this book who learned about it from her niece/my cousin … “a nice Greek Cypriot whose book is a New York Times bestseller!” I love this about us.

I also love books that I devour — where I just have to have more. The Silent Patient lures you in, and before you know it, you’re hooked. It follows a therapist trying to help a patient in a psych ward speak after she goes mute post-murdering her husband.

The writing style is approachable and easy to read. He decorates the book with Greek references throughout, which I particularly enjoy too. That combined with nonstop jaw-dropping reveals makes it the perfect summer vacation read! (Let’s just pretend we had one while we sit outside and read…?)

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