Review: “The Gifts of Imperfection”

by Carrinicole

The moment I stopped to assess my life: who I am, my priorities, my goals, and my shortcomings, Brené Brown came into my life.

Once you embark on the inner journey, you will inevitably become familiar with her work. I became a fan before I even dove into her studies – I listened to her on podcasts, watched her on YouTube, and read excerpts of her research in other books. As a fellow Texan, I could relate to her storytelling and her approach on life, and her message deeply resonated with me.

When I knew it was time to actually read one of her books, this was her recommended first stop. The Gifts of Imperfection is Brené’s first book and lays the foundation of her work on wholehearted living. What I found helpful is that her guideposts to living an authentic life are grounded in years of qualitative research. As someone who is cerebral, approaching her concepts of vulnerability, awkwardness, authenticity is scary, but knowing that if I take the leaps and have courage on my journey, I will pay off, because she has shown that countless of folks successfully have.

I struggle with vulnerability, conflict, guilt, and shame, and she addresses all of these in her work. Not only does she address these concepts, but she dives deep into why we feel this way, and what we can do to manage these emotions in ways to keep us self-confident, authentic, and wholehearted living.

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