Review: “The Fifth Season”

by Carrinicole

I feel particularly silly and helpless writing this book review today given the continued pain the Black community is enduring. Because here I am reiterating my commitment to read from diverse authors, an action that feel so small.

Yet N.K. Jemisin is a phenomenal Black fantasy writer who I was excited to read, and am proud to support. “The Fifth Season” kicks off her Broken Earth Trilogy. Placed in the future where Earth is unstable from climate change, inhabitants have to regularly endure catastrophic events, including the dreaded fifth season – an extended period of extreme climate and lawlessness.

Jemisin delivers clear detail of this world, its socio-political structure including new species. I don’t play often in the fantasy genre, but she captivated me and pulled me into this world.

She draws parallels to our world today — giving you a nod in her first page. History teaches us that those who have to fight for the respect that others are given without question are the very ones who have the power to change the world.

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