Review: “Big Magic”

by Carrinicole

What “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone” did to help free me from trauma, “Big Magic” did to unlock my confidence. I was able to lighten my load by throwing overboard emotional baggage, and now I’ve removed the lock gates of my creativity.

Gilbert’s manifesto of bold creative risk-taking inspires me. I can think of many stories from my childhood where my small acts of defiance were brilliant. Like how I showed up to my 3rd grade white glove Cotillion and Etiquette class on Halloween dressed up as Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman. Or how I won four prestigious art awards all before I became a teenager, by not really trying, but creating.

When did I start caring and stop creating? Studies show that girls start showing insecurity and doubt between the ages of 8-14. Even attending an all-girls school, the pressures of the patriarchy and succeeding in career are distracting.

I’ve learned during this time of self-isolation, that curiosity and creativity are key to my raison d’être. Committing to utter creative fearlessness is an act that I will constantly be working towards now.

You may have noticed I’m writing more. And I’ll keep writing. I don’t even care if its good or not… if you hate it or love it. (If you do have feedback though, let me know!) You, my  audience, are helping me practice. It’s the only way to craft my voice and get better. I have thoughts, opinions, and ideas; they can either sit in a folder on my computer, or up on here. I’ll be writing them anyways.

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