Wim Hof Method – My Week 3

by Carrinicole

Today marks 3 weeks of Wim Hof Method breathing. The dynamic nature of the breathing and cold exposure continues to excite me as my experience changes and evolves over time.

In the beginning, I would feel tingling in my hands and lightheadedness — the exact symptoms I get when I have a panic attack. Sometimes I would cry, since my body knows that accompanies those symptoms. (All of these reactions are normal.)

Now, I rarely feel those. I only experience absolute stillness when I hold my exhale, two minutes at a time (TWO minutes!!). I realize now that I’ve essentially lassoed in and neutralized those symptoms. They no longer belong to the panic attack.

I continue to hear medical experts talk about the benefits of this method of breathing exercise, and that also keeps me going on my quest for longevity. While I can’t always identify what’s happening within me, I can feel it.

It reminds me of Alan Watts, reflecting on how we identify “I” as our brain, our ego, that inhabits our body. We say “I have a body” vs. “I am a body.” I used to say, my body is a vehicle, and we only get one, so I’m making mine a Ferrari. Which no doubt has motivated me; but now, especially through mindfulness, I see that my body isn’t separate from “I.” My focus is to continue closing that gap.

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