Wim Hof Method – My Day 1

by Carrinicole

Marked day one of Wim Hof Method doing my cold exposure in the ocean! What an amazing feeling.

After doing the breathing technique, and some horse pose to hype me up, I walked in. The water was initially cold but once you started breathing it became manageable, then I didn’t feel it at all. I’m actually still sitting here on the beach in my bikini not cold.

Why am I starting Wim Hof? It feels like the perfect progression in my journey. I’ve been able have control of my mind (my inner saboteur) in my workouts, but my thoughts and emotions aren’t under control. I’m most in tune with being active and using my body, Wim Hof method uses your breath and your body to help regulate those things. And add health benefits? I’m in.

The water was the clearest I’d ever seen the Pacific. I saw large fish swimming around me, and even a stingray. Nature continues to deliver.

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