What is Visualization?

by Carrinicole

Visualization is the concentration of the mind on a specific theme during meditation. There are many forms: focusing on specific areas of the body, people, images, feelings, ideas, shapes. Right now, as a beginner in meditation, I’m focusing on body visualization.

What does that mean? When I’m doing a guided meditation practice, I draw my focus to a specific area of the body. Sometimes its where I’m feeling tension – which is typically my right shoulder or chest. Other times its jumping from different areas, like beginning at my tailbone and moving up my spine, or spiraling from the soles of my feet up to my head. One of my favorites is following my breath: inhale starting at the tailbone moving up the spine to the top of the head, then exhale moving back down from head to spine. 

These visualizations clear my mind from competing thoughts and distractions. If I can follow and trace my breaths moving around my body, then time flies by for me. In the beginning it can be hard to visualize, but like every new hobby, it requires practice to acquire skill. 

Many meditation apps have a visualization component. And if you are a beginning in the practice of meditation, I highly recommend them!

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