Building Your Meditation Practice

by Carrinicole

Like most hobbies, training and practice are required to acquire skill. Running a marathon, learning a new language, sailing a boat. Meditation is no different. Over one month in, and I can feel myself building that skill.

I always thought meditation meant that I need to sit upright in complete silence, emptying my thoughts for 15-20 min. I could NOT do that more than two days in a row! Now I see that meditation is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution: there are many forms, and people have different preferences and methods that work for them.

For me, I like guided breathing techniques and visualization. Audible and Variis’ Headstrong are my favorite sources right now. I also lie down instead of sit up. There’s music, and I continue to get better at following my breath. I started 5 minutes at a time, now I can go 15 minutes.

The more you build the skill, the more you start to experience in practice. Right now I’m noticing how my body melts into the chair, and I feel myself descend. Like an anchor pushing me down to the ocean floor where its dark, calm and quiet.

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