by Carrinicole


I’ve had many people tell me I should be a trainer. I’ve always shrugged them off— I don’t have the accreditation to be trusted in transforming people’s bodies. I also respect trainers so much, I don’t feel worthy to be among those who have spent years honing their craft. 

Why am I regarding the title of trainer as something so serious, heavy, and important that I am not worthy of being a part of it? It can be hard for me to accept I’m good at things if I’m not the best. Once I stepped outside of that thinking, the truth is…I am a trainer! I currently am supporting a handful of people who have chosen to prioritize getting stronger and live a more active life. And the joy I feel seeing them make the commitment and put in the work is unrivaled by anything else I’ve done. 

I don’t have any certificates (yet), but I’d like to think I’m helping them form the preliminary foundation to a long term friendship and awareness with their bodies. Many people want to be fit, but don’t know where to start, or are convinced they hate exercise. We don’t learn about strength training or cardiovascular training in school (among many other important life skills). 

With covid preying on pre-existing conditions, I believe it’s more important than ever for your body to be a well-oiled machine. Living in America makes that challenging— we are conditioned to be sedentary consumers. Taking care of your body is more expensive than not…in the short term only. It’s reaps a lifetime of reward.

I also see training as therapy for your body: you don’t stick with a therapist forever, you learn the tools and move on. It’s the same with a trainer. If you pick wisely, you’ll learn how to maintain a meaningful lifetime relationship with your body.

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