30-minute Tabata Cardio

by Carrinicole

30-Minute Tabata Cardio

The FIRST thing I did when I decided to start working out was take a Tabata class.

Three years later and I continue to do the workouts.

Tabata is short bursts of energy and short recovery time. You do the same exercise back to back for 8 rounds before moving onto the next one.

It builds both muscle strength and endurance in a short period of time.

This workout took me 31 minutes from start to finish (including breaks, tying my shoes, switching playlists):

8 rounds of :20 on / :10 rest. 1 min rest between workouts.

  1. Box Jumps
  2. Push ups
  3. Step ups
  4. Tricep dips
  5. Glute bridges

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