Review: “Breath”

by Carrinicole

From our first breath to our last — breathing is the one thing we all involuntarily do to live. And it turns out its harder for us to do than at any point in our evolution. We’ve devolved due to our growing brains compressing our nasal passages, and centuries of eating softer foods. We’re the only mammals with crooked teeth and breathing issues like asthma, sleep apnea, and snoring.

Nestor’s book explains how humans got this way, and shares the remarkable improvement to lifestyle by conscious and correct breathing. (Hint: nose breathing…all the time…even while sleeping. Hello mouth tape!)

Reading this book came at the perfect time for me: I was a week into Wim Hof breathing and noticed improvement in my anxiety and depression. This book helped give more context to why I am feeling how I’m feeling, and gave me tools to achieve even better breathing. I even got to participate in a Zoom breathwork session with Chuck McGee.

I can’t recommend this book more. Its exciting, interesting, and everyone can benefit from it.

I wish there were more resources to dive into all the details he is discussing. Check out Nestor’s website if you’re interested in more.

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