by Carrinicole

It’s hard to be American these days. No matter your affiliation, there is shame — in pandemic response, how we treat our most marginalized, feeling left behind. There is fear.

I form opinions based on history and facts, both requiring critical thinking. I don’t form any opinion on emotion — only doing so when I need to gut check with the deepest Knowing of my soul. (Like…yes, on paper the stock market is doing okay, but I know we as a collective are NOT okay.)

I started watching “John Adams” on HBO to dive into the details of our Founding from the point of view of one Father. The common thread between now and then is the concept of tyranny.

Our Declaration of Independence states “…whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.”

Tyranny, in the most traditional term, means cruel, oppressive, unreasonable use of power or control; exercising power without legal restraint. Those close to me have heard me say a million times, “as a student of history, I take solace in the fact that every western nation has its tyrant. This is our moment. And like every other nation, we will get past it.”

How did we get past King George 244 years ago? Organization, unity, action. They placed their collective conscious into law, and held power accountable to law. Their ability to come together and achieve an insurmountable task inspires me and makes me proud. That’s some grit right there.

While I feel in the 1770s there wasn’t full representation at the table — I do believe in their approach. I know I have a duty to vote. It’s the only way.

I will vote for individuals who look like the world around me — different races, genders, and ages— who understand why I feel unseen, and put policies on the table that unify us, hold power into account, take care of our most vulnerable, and protect our planet.

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