by Carrinicole

On Harry Potter’s 40th birthday, it’s only appropriate to talk about my Harry Potter-loving trio: Fine Arts Club.

It’s one of our many obsessions. We are no Harry/Hermione/Ron, but we are “parea”. There isn’t an English equivalent word for this bond: it is “your people” — people who you can just “be” with. We come from different upbringings and are on different walks of life, an unlikely trio. Yet we share the same philosophies, curiosity, and outlook on life. We share love, but we’re all fierce in our own way. There’s honesty, no shame, or hidden feelings. We can never share too much, and no detail about our lives bores the other.

During covid when people are physically split apart, we’ve grown closer together. When you’re stripped of the exterior distractions, and all you have is yourself, who are the people you naturally draw to?

I am drawn to the eccentric. Not in the conventional definition, but the deviant. Unique. Authentic. Someone who brings to the table qualities I don’t have. They keep me laughing, keep me learning, keep me sane. ♥️

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