Jagged Little Pill

by Carrinicole

Do you ever reflect back on moments from your childhood that give you an understanding of who you will become?

My first CD was “Jagged Little Pill.” I was nine years old. I had no idea who Alanis Morrissette was – and honestly I don’t know how my parents even picked this album. But I am forever grateful for their mistake!

I rocked out to this CD over and over again…so much that once my parents actually listened to it, they thought it was corrupting and threatened to take it away. I begged them to let me keep it, promising I wouldn’t repeat the curse words — turning down the volume when she yells fuck in You Oughta Know.

I didn’t understand what the lyrics meant at the time, but the album made a profound impact on me. Her music hits a frequency in my ear that resonates with my soul. It energizes me, it calms me, it gives me confidence.

Years later, I continue to listen to this album. Alanis’s zero fucks approach to authentically sharing the range of emotions women feel was / is brave and groundbreaking. While I haven’t realized it until now, she gave me the green light to do the same.

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