by Carrinicole
Who am I without
     the cloak of Disney,
     the clout of Equinox,
     the cash to be seen in the LA scene?
I am a goddess, I am a gorgon.
I am an explorer.
Curious about the world.
Craving more knowledge.
I am a pulmonaut, a bibliophile, a spirit-seeker. 
I cannot travel the world, so I travel inwards.
Crawling through the caverns
     of my nasal cavities,
lassoing the energy
     of my nervous system,
catching the wind
     of my spirit.
Fueling my body with the meals of my ancestors.
I see who I was before, and see who I will become.
A caterpillar to a butterfly, I am cocooning.
Just wait until you see me fly.

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