by Carrinicole

As a hurricane pummels the south, with photos of floating cars and displaced boats, I got to thinking about how to weather the literal storm and how I can apply it to symbolic storms.

This week has been a challenge to keep the structure of my metaphorical levy. To maintain the siege I have on my self worth, and prevent the old habits from crossing the moat.

Working in entertainment means working with the unknown; we are creating strategies and executing plans based on little information. When you work on sensitive intellectual property, and within product categories that requires long lead times, there is a balance that needs to be made between the information available and how to share it. This is delicate, and not everyone will feel good about how to go about this information-sharing. My role is to be that conduit – so I am often the bottleneck.

This dynamic is a challenging one with someone like me, an over-thinking people-pleaser who used to derive her self-worth from positive feedback, and whose day could be ruined by a fraction of negativity. I find myself slowly drifting back into those well-worn grooves.  

I feel like a ship being tossed in the ocean – I am fighting to stay afloat. I googled how ships survive the storm to see if it could help me survive the turbulence I’m in.

To steer-way means a ship uses just enough power to move forward and steer. And where do they steer? Facing the waves head-on. Plowing through them is the safest option (if you parallel the waves, then impact will roll you over).

So to steer-way is the only option. Face this shit head on. I just need to keep choosing positivity. And to let my emotions feel the physical distance I have between my colleagues. If I side-line it then there’s no hope for me, I’ll capsize.

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