Breakdown: A Modern Definition

by Carrinicole

A word that deserves defining is ‘breakdown’. Its a term that has baggage with a range of definitions — and I use it, but to a specific application.

The ‘breakdown’ of our parents involved some sort of stint away from home in a facility. As a millennial, I first think of “Girl, Interrupted” when I hear ‘breakdown’. Extreme mental and emotional distress.

But today, my definition of ‘breakdown’ follows more of the definition of Brene Brown: an unraveling. An awakening, and a call for wholehearted living. Abandoning the personas and roles I’ve been trying to play to be the perfect employee, wife, friend, sister, daughter. Leading from a place of courageous fear, not fear of judgement.

For a stubborn, perfectionistic, competitive person like me, it takes a moment, a catalyst like furlough, where I realized I hated all of my baggage. And I made a commitment to work towards being a more authentic and vulnerable version of myself.

So, I’ve been in my covid wellness exploration bubble for a while, and I just wanted to clear that definition up.

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